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Our Latest Novel - D.I.P.S.O.R.A

by Jay Ramella

Although this book is a work of fiction, it is a fact that the UK narrowly escaped Soviet invasion in 1978. There remains one unanswered mystery for readers and author alike - who WAS Keith?

Espionage, sabotage and intrigue are exposed against the backdrop of more than forty years of Cold War in a Lincolnshire setting. Terrorism and a dramatic race against time and discovery ensue as the Nash family unites to protect one of its own without any regard for an innocent woman's lost freedom. The drama unfolds to reveal surprising strengths and weaknesses.

Narrated with humour and pathos through flashbacks, a private diary and the social media platform DIPSORA, the story is told of a slow-burning love affair that flares into sexual passion amidst political change and faltering convictions.

Throughout this novel, a series of revelations rock the lives of the seemingly run-of-the-mill Nash family.

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